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Karina DeFazio
Japanese fashion model/content producer/influencer.
Being Japanese and American with some Italian descent, Karina’s modeling career started in Osaka, Japan when she was 11-month old.
She moved to California when she was 15, and in 2017, after leaving San Francisco State University, she pursued her Bachelors in economics at Osaka Prefecture University, while doing modeling works in the side, traveling back and forth Osaka and Tokyo.
She started her career as an international model where she received over 70 model contract offers from agencies around the world and worked for many different brands/companies, including Vogue, Elle, Airbnb, DIESEL, and BMW.
After successfully completing model contracts with agencies, she is now based in Tokyo as a freelance model.
While on her travels, she developed connections with hundreds of talented creators around the world. Now she works both as a model and a content producer, creating work and developing projects from all parts of the globe with several teams.
She developed a production system where she takes part in concept planning, team formulation, direction, and performing as a model, creating “A minimal production system“ which made it possible for the production to be more affordable and smooth, by removing all the intermediary steps.
By implementing her own production system and work around the world, she inspires Japanese people to pursue the lifestyle/work style they truly want without being stranded in the cooperate system through her social media.


BMW, MAZDA, Epson, JA BANK, C3 Fit, Zexy


Vogue Italy, Airbnb, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Amazon India, 7 Up Pakistan, Kodd France, Vetter Magazin Vietnam (cover)